The question is: should you use a shampoo or a conditioner first? Shampoo is a cleansing agent that consists of surfactants and detergents that remove excess oil, dirt and sweat from the hair. Conditioner is a type of hair product that moisturizes and conditions the hair. It also cleans the hair by removing environmental pollutants.


Pre-wash conditioning

Pre-wash conditioning is an excellent way to restore the balance of your scalp before shampooing. It adds extra nourishment to your hair and locks in moisture, leaving it smooth and shinier. This treatment also increases circulation to the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. Chamomile flower extract has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a wonderful pre-wash conditioner.

Coconut oil is an excellent pre-wash conditioner, but other oils are also great options. Coconut oil is known for its exceptional hair nourishing properties, and it’s one of the few oils known to have such a positive effect on the quality of your hair.

Reverse washing

Reverse washing shampoo and conditioner after every other wash can leave your hair softer, smoother, and less greasy than normal. It also helps prevent your hair from becoming too silky. However, this method is not suitable for every type of hair. Shampoos typically contain a high pH level, which can cause the surface of the hair shaft to swell. This problem can be prevented by using a lower-pH conditioner, which closes the hair cuticle and restores the moisture balance.

The main benefit of reverse washing shampoo and conditioner is that it nourishes and moisturizes your hair and scalp. It also removes excess product buildup, which is another cause of drab, limp hair. Another benefit of reverse washing shampoo and conditioner is that it helps to protect your hair from harsh chemicals and keeps it looking healthier for longer.

Shampoo vs conditioner

When washing your hair, you may wonder whether you should use shampoo first, or conditioner first. Both are designed to clean your hair of dirt and oil. Both contain surfactants and detergents, which will help remove excess oil and residue from your hair. They also help keep your hair moisturized.

When choosing which one to use, consider the type of hair you have. If you have fine hair, it’s best to use conditioner first, as it adds hydration to it and keeps it from becoming weighed down and oily. While you should still use shampoo after applying conditioner, it’s best to avoid applying conditioner to your scalp, which can make your hair appear greasier.

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